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We are aword winning company in web/app design, development, internet marketing, and seo.

When it comes to the success of your website or app/software, strategy is everything. It’s the foundation for your online success. It’s do or die.

We understand business. That is why we handle all our clients  projects carefully.

Do you know that a website is now more than your online brochure? Websites and apps are now the keys for every successful business operated both online or offline.


Why Your Business Needs A Website?

Like many small business owners, you may believe your business cannot benefit from having a website or that a website is not within your budget. Or maybe you think because you don’t use a computer, neither do your potential customers use it? These are misconceptions. Here are some outlined reasons to why your business either small or large needs a website:

✅ A professional website will give your small business more credibility.

✅ A professional website saves your money.

✅ It will enable you to keep your customers informed.

✅ A website is always accessible.

✅ A website makes it possible to target a wider market.

✅ It provides a medium on which to showcase your work.

✅ A website saves time.

✅ A website can improve customer service.

✅ It helps with first impression

✅ A website help you to position yourself and stat in control of your brand.

There are many reasons why you should have a website for your business.

Now days potential customers are found on the internet, and with the booming of ecommerce store, you won’t grow your offline business unless you have a website for your offline business that targets potential customers online.

What do we do at RisesWebs?

At RisesWebs, we do the following:

✅ Web design and development.

✅ App Development.

✅ Web hosting and domain names.

✅ Internet marketing.

✅ Seo


Web Design & Development.

We develop amazing websites to suite our clients needs.

We develop and design all types of websites, forexample websites like: personal, business, ecommerce, portfolio, Blogs, Forums, social networks, News Sites, Celebrity Sites, Music sites, video sites and others.

We have a standby developers team that works worldwide in web development arena.

App Development

We reduce the risk and costs of installing hardware and software.

At RisesWebs, we leverage our experience launching hundreds of enterprise and consumer-facing apps to help you develop realistic go-to-market strategies, timelines, and budgets that work for your mobile projects. We can work with.

We do develop amazing apps to suite your needs…we develop all types of apps which can be accessed both offline and online.


Web Hosting & Domain Names

We at RisesWebs, we offer you with reliable and affordable Web hosting & domain names via our site👉 Riseshost , All our hosting packages comes with lots of resources, free SSL certificates, one-click-app-installer with over 300+ web apps, 24/7 support, cloudflare, free web templates, free site builders, and more,, and with domains, you can register, renewal, and transfer with us cheaply.


Internet Marketing

The truth is, you won’t make too much sales and what you offer won’t be well-known if you don’t market your products or services, now days internet users are 97.5% meaning that potential customers can be found worldwide on the internet.

At RisesWebs, we can promote your products or services on 1000+ platforms and we make sure that your adverts reach millions of users worldwide.

Let us boost your business sales.



SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Now days there are 9000,000+ million websites on the internet  offering the same products and services, but how do you get out and be unique from others? The answer is SEO…

A website having a well set seo, all potential customers will be able to find your products or services via Search Engines like Google, yahoo, Bing, yandex, search, etc,, 

At RisesWebs, we can improve your website SEO, so that your website will be easily Indexed by Search Engine…

What Else???

Client Support

At RisesWebs, we do not only develop  apps or websites for you and then it ends like that, no please, we do offer free support to all our clients.

You can feel free to connect with us whenever you face any issue with your website or app, we will offer you support free…


CMS is Content Management System. 

Hi have you ever had about WordPress, Joomla, Phpbb, OpenCart, and others, They are called CMS.

They Store data of your website in the Database.

We design beautiful websites using CMSs, depending on your website needs, we are professional in all CMS… 

Mobile Friendly Websites

At RisesWebs, we develop Responsive websites that can be easily accessed on all sizes of devices.

Am sure if you visit a website when the webpage can not fit your device screen, you won’t continue accessing that page and you will never have interest in visiting that website again.

At RisesWebs, your website will be responsive in that all people can access it on all devices…

Web/App Security

Now days internet is full of web hackers, without web security, your website won’t be free from hackers, we at RisesWebs, we ensure that all our client websites and apps are free from hackers.

We provide a maximum security for your website where by hackers can not do any harm to your online presence…

Do we handle projects worldwide?

Hi there, we at RisesWebs, we do our development work remotely, meaning that we work, everywhere, at anytime…

You don’t need to step in our office before getting your website or app, you can just order for a website or app at the comfort of your home, and we will work on your project within 2-3 days…

Don’t over move searching for developers, just contact us for your projects.

How long does it take for your project to be done.

We at RisesWebs, we care on our clients, depending on your project type and size, For Small Projects, we take 2-3 days to finish them and for big projects, we take 1-2 weeks to finish them.

With us, your projects will be delivered on time…

Are You Ready For A Website?

The truth is, due to the competition of products and services offered by people, you won’t make too much sales unless you target what you sale to potential customers…

The only way to target potential customers is by having a website that showcase your business, your products or services, and more…good news with the booming of ecommerce stores, do you know that you can now sale your products or services while sleeping on your bed at home??? That is done only when you have a website…

It’s now the right time to own your website, at RisesWebs, we offer you websites at a good price…

Get In Touch With Us…

Hi there, in order to connect with us you can use the Livechat.. Or use the below contact details:

Phone Nō: +256754076852

Email: developers@riseswebs.com

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